Badass Married Guys Guide to Gaming: Buying a new videogame



Buying a videogame is a hard thing to do nowadays, unless you just have enough disposable income to spend on such things. But since I nolonger live as a bachelor, any money I have goes to things like the light bill or mortgage. So when I do decide to buy a new game I do some new game math.

When I look at a game to buy, a few things come into play:

One: how many hours of enjoyment can I get out of a game I am going to play?

Two: How much does it cost, and does the cost-to-hour ratio work out to under a dollar an hour?

Three: Is it something that I want to play?

Example: A new game comes out and it’s 60 bucks. I buy it and only play it for six hours, so that’s a ten dollars an hour game. But if you rifle through the used game bin at your local game store and find something for, like, five bucks and you play it for six hours, then you really only paid about eighty three cents per hour of (hopefully) entertainment. This is how I now buy games.

Sources for cheap games are: the Xblig catalogue, or by trawling through the bargain bin at your local game store, plus a lot of indie games on PC that may be cheap or even free.

What I hear whenever I say I have to wait to buy a game is, ‘Well maybe you shouldn’t play videogames and you should work more.’ Okay, I get that logic. If you don’t have enough money to do anything fun, then you don’t deserve fun, but here’s the thing: I work for myself which means I work many hours that I don’t always get paid for. So by saying something like that, you just seem like an ass.

Now, it may seem like I spend an inordinate amount of time gaming because I write here about beating games. Yes, I do spend some time playing games and yes, I do beat them, but, not to boast too much, I don’t spend 20, 30, or 40 hours to beat a game. Most times, it only takes me a few hours. In fact, I feel like most games nowadays are way too easy.

I’m good — I am not what the kids call a noob. I could be considered, maybe, semi-epic. But that’s beside the point because what I really want to do is to encourage the decent treatment of people who decide not to pay a lot for games that might just be all hype and no substance. -Jay (NinjaJay81)

Author’s note: Sorry about the late release of this article. I sometimes have other things that I have to attend to.

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