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So awesome. 100k times awesome.

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Fifty-two bottles of well-aged whiskey disappeared between his lips, police said, and now it’s time for a western Pennsylvania man to settle up.

John Saunders, the former live-in caretaker of a Pittsburgh-area mansion, faces criminal charges for allegedly drinking more than $100,000 worth of the owner’s whiskey.

Owner Patricia Hill found nine cases of whiskey hidden in the walls and stairwell of the century-old Georgian mansion built by coal and coke industrialist J.P. Brennan after she bought it in 2012. The Old Farm Pure Rye Whiskey was produced in the early 1900s by the nearby West Overton Distilling Co.

“My guess is that Mr. Brennan ordered 10 cases . pre-Prohibition,” said Hill, a New Yorker who bought the house to convert it into a bed-and-breakfast...

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So, beer. Yeah.


Ok. So I said, “I dunno, maybe I’ll write about beer. I like beer. A beer blog.”  Which is really silly if you think about it.  Because, and stay with me on this, someone who drinks enough beer to blog about it can’t be trusted to actually, get this, write about it.  For instance let’s talk about Ska Brewery’s Decadent Imperial IPA.  Delicious? Yes.  Great large bottle? Check-o.  Priced right? Sorta, sure, I guess.


But get this:


Can u even read that? Because that’s exactly what it looked like when I took the picture.  That’s right. 10% Al K Hall.

So to say the least: Alcoholocaust.  So I would give this 4.5 NinjaJays out of 6.  Because, though it was delicious and potent and pretty cool.  It was too hoppy for me to have all the time...

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