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Quick post about FIFA and keeping it classy.

It’s no secret I love the FIFA.  It’s my zen.  But I effen hate playing with lag.  The nice folks at EA (all other issues notwithstanding) put a feature on that allows for mutual quits in online seasons games.  That way you’re not forced to endure a jarring fragmented laggy game. Awesome.  But yesterday some dicktard (Something or another *****77) and i started to play.  It was all jacked from the get go.  So as soon as i got possession I asked for the mutual quit.  And I’m not sure if dicktard has shitty internet and is used to playing all lagwagon style or what.  But he wouldn’t mutual quit (30 something seconds into the game)...

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How many people does it take to drive me crazy…

It reminds me of the old saying.  Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

So a tag challenge. How hard can that be.  A small group of disc golfers put in a de minimus amount of cash into a pot.  You have a 3 month season.  Every game the tags shuffle based upon who finished where if it’s the group  or if it’s two people just a one-on-one straight up challenge.  A push goes to the incumbent or it’s settled by the noble game of H-O-R-S-E.  You miss two regularly scheduled weekly games you drop to last.  Last game is at a predetermined course. Final winner of last game gets the pot.  Can’t miss the last game…I thought it would be easy. (Insert mom joke here)

How hard can it be?

Well let’s change all of the casual rules. Let’s do this. Let’s make it have no prize...

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When dogs attack…well, not really attack per se…

It appears that one of the disc golf courses that populate the suburbs of DFW is going to be diminished.  Bear Creek (which oddly, i haven’t played) is at risk of being taken from 18 holes to 9 to make way for a dog park.  It’s how local issues go.  Prolly most disc golfers who play Bear Creek aren’t local, hence they don’t vote for the city council or mayor.  Not sure what amenities are nearby, so the tax revenue may or may not play into it.  Sounds like it doesn’t though.  And the good citizens want a dog park…and probably Trump as president. Anyways the story is below as is the online petition to save it.


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Disc Golf Matters. – A Documentary

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Disc Golf highlights: THIS IS DISC GOLF

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