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World Cup Time!!! Whoo-hoo

Now i love me some disc golf – but i loves me some soccer too.  I loves me some Fifa.  And i really loves me some world cup.  And yeah.  I love the mad bracketology of it.  It’s a tough call this year.

I will complement EA for the world cup update to FIFA 18.  It’s nice they didn’t make a throw-away stand alone game like they’ve done before.  Because those have literally always sucked.  But this time EA nailed it.  Both the local tournament and the online tournament mode are fun.  and they play well.  So I know what I’ll be doing for the next month.

Hopefully I can remember to write about it.  In the meantime, there’s always this…



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Quick post about FIFA and keeping it classy.

It’s no secret I love the FIFA.  It’s my zen.  But I effen hate playing with lag.  The nice folks at EA (all other issues notwithstanding) put a feature on that allows for mutual quits in online seasons games.  That way you’re not forced to endure a jarring fragmented laggy game. Awesome.  But yesterday some dicktard (Something or another *****77) and i started to play.  It was all jacked from the get go.  So as soon as i got possession I asked for the mutual quit.  And I’m not sure if dicktard has shitty internet and is used to playing all lagwagon style or what.  But he wouldn’t mutual quit (30 something seconds into the game)...

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Watching Chelsea on a lazy Sunday morning.


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FIFA 14: Arsenal Career Mode – Episode #1 – A NEW BEGINNING!

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