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God Bless the Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

I just gotta say that I wrestled with myself as to whether or not to add this as a post.  But C’mon.  A real-life Ric Flair story.   Wow, man. I remember the Nature Boy from when I was a kid.  And that was a minute ago.  Remember when he beat Dusty Rhodes!  What could I do? We all know those were some cool games.  Hittin your buddy with a chair. Super Suh-weeet.  And honestly, from Jimmy “the super fly” Snuka to Andre the Giant WWF  was some real entertainment for a 10 year old.*  So hey, I saw this story this morning and thought I’d reprint it.

It’s an unimaginable loss to think about losing a kid.  So…From the staff at to the Nature Boy, our sincerest condolences.

Ric Flair’s son found dead in Charlotte hotel room; foul play not suspected

By Th...

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Activision Next-Gen Character Demo, Creepy

Forget about the uncanny valley.  That whole idea is going to go the way of the Dodo bird.   I watched this and, while I know I might sound like an old coot, I miss the days of SNES when video games looked like video games and not movies.  Now get off my lawn.

Before I geek out on how cool this tech demo looks and what it is going to mean for videogames and zombies, I want to talk with you know all about the normal rah rah rah thing that goes on in normal videogame blogs.  If the realism shown here doesn’t disturb you a little, think about how violent death portrayals can be in videogames.  We might soon be playing games that look a little too close to the Faces of Death movie series, and I’m not okay with that...

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Badass Maried Guy’s Guide to Gaming: Kids playing violent videogames


I have played a lot of video games and I have played them for most of my life. I really enjoy my pastime and enjoy being able to write about it.  I have to tell you that there is no better way for me to blow off some steam than to jump online and take part in an epic battle between me and an unending horde of zombies or soldiers. There is one thing that will turn my stress-free romp into questioning the future of humanity and that’s hearing a squeaky voiced kid telling me something fucked up.

My biggest problem with kids playing violent videogames is not for any moral reason, or because Jesus would not want them to play such things, but because I understand that kids just don’t have the emotional development to handle what violent video games provoke...

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Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil crossover

A Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil crossover DLC sounded awesome to me. When I first heard about this, I was like, hell yeah, a Resident Evil FPS.*  If it would have the fast paced action and cooperative game play of Left 4 Dead, and the item management of Resident Evil, it might be just the  shot in the arm Resident Evil needs to be great again.

But it looks like all you are going to get is Left 4 Dead skins for RE6 and two new enemy types (The Witch and the Mini Tank).  I don’t  know about this one.  I don’t like repackaging the same shit and selling it as new and that is what this DLC looks like to me.  -Jay (NinjaJay81)

*There have been Resident Evil FPS games, but most were on rails, with the notable exception of Resident Evil: Dead Aim (PS2), and there have been Resident Evil...

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The Best of Xblig: Episode 2: Reloaded

Here we go for another exciting Best of Xblig article, and this week we are looking at a game that has given me many hours of joy. Murderminers–sounds like one of those Minecraft Xblig clones, right?

Well, Murderminers is more than that.  It it like if Minecraft (Xbox360, PC, Phone) went out to a bar and met a dashing gent called Halo (PC, Xbox), and then they had a few drinks, went home and had shameful, drunk sex.  Nine months later what you would get is Murderminers.  This game is kind of an odd bird, it’s not really a mining game but it’s not really just a FPS.  It’s really a perfect blend of those two genres.

If you enjoy the fast-paced action of the first Halo, this game is for you...

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