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!!!!Before I get to it, I would like to thank my nephew Luke for loaning me his copy of this game so I can do this review.  Thanks Luke!!!

I just got done with Gears Of War: Judgement and I have a lot to say about this so let’s begin.

As a fan of videogames you come to expect certain things about controls.  Take Mario Bros– B is to run and A is to jump.  The control setup is the same throughout the series.  Over time, built up over years of playing, your brain creates strong neural pathways so when a new game in the series comes out, you can play the newest edition fluidly and easily because you don’t have to learn the control setup all over again.  Changes, however, can get you killed over and over, and over again.  Because you played the fun previous edition games oh so much, it’s hard to unwrite or overwrite those connections in your brain that make you keep trying to use the button patterns that you once did.

The change of controls is one of the many problems I have with the new Gears Of War.  

Does it look great?  Yeah, it has to be the best looking Gears game so far.

Is the new survival mode fun?  Yeah but it’s not worth sixty dollars.

Did I get called a fag in the first ten minutes of playing in a “Special Event”?  Yep, thanks.  I know Epic doesn’t have any control over user interactions but it was just a shit cherry on crap cake. So, let’s get this postmortem over with.

Visuals:  The graphics in GOW: Judgement are more vibrant with a brighter, less muted color palette.  The blood splatter never looked better.  There is a wider range of environments from previous Gears titles, where, one minute you are on the street and the next you are in a great mansion, trying to withstand waves of locusts.

The characters look great, too.  The younger Baird and Cole are a believable jump from their older selves that are seen in the Aftermath part of the game.  The designers did a really good job to show the progression of time and the effects of living through war.

There are also some really cool dust effects, that create some very tense moments with low visibility.  Overall, you will really enjoy looking at the world you inhabit in this game, and the gore is way over the top.  But what else do you expect from a GOW game?

Gameplay:  This is where we run into a problem.  First off, if you have played the Gears of War series since the beginning, you know you got three weapons plus grenades, all selectable through the D-pad.  Not in this one.  It seems all you can carry is two weapons which you cycle through with the Y button.  Left bumper to throw the grenade–the same button that used to show you where your team was in previous GOW titles.  This particular change got me killed a lot, thanks to good ol’ muscle memory.  I don’t know, but it’s starting to seem like GOW should be called Call of Gears because the controls make it feel like a Call of Duty game.

Before I go any further, I want to say I like COD.  It”s a good enough game series, but every video game in which you shoot a gun should not have to have similar controls to COD.  Just as every beat ’em up game should not have to be just like God Of War.  Since 2006, Gears Of War has had a control system that works–that’s 7 years of the same controls.  Why change them now?

But the controls are just one gripe.  Did anyone else notice that the hammerburst lost its iron sights? and some of the other guns just feel weaker?  Except for the sawed off shotgun which is still a one shot kill from short range.  But I won’t go on anymore about the differences between Judgement and Gears 3.

Story: In past games, I was a little invested in what happened to the characters.  In this one, I didn’t give a shit whether they lived or died.  The characters didn’t have much personality.

Playing through the story mode, it felt more like a bunch of training missions and not one continuous story because every few minutes, there is a prompt to play a declassified mission, which remind me of the VR missions from Metal Gear Solid (PS2) where you get a set of parameters or a time limit to make your way through a level and then get rated on your performance.  By the end of this game, I started skipping the declassified missions altogether and just wanted to get the story over with because they break up the action so much.

Needless to say, the story mode gets old fast because it only rewards you if you get more and more stars, which unlock player skins or weapon skins.  This feels like a cheap way of keeping players interested.

Multiplayer mode:  It does not have hoard mode, so that sucks.

Even if you believe the hype about the new overrun mode, it just feels like Gold Rush mode from Battlefield Bad Company (multi).  Some of you may say, “No, it’s different, because you can pick from a range of classes and you have to attack and then defend to see who wins the match.”  Sorry, it’s kind of the same thing because you get to pick different classes and, one round, you attack and then the next you defend in Gold Rush mode.  But here’s the best part: you can pick up Battlefield Bad Company (multi) for about $1.99 at your local game store right now and still have fifty-eight dollars left in your pocket.

The other modes just feel cheap because of the controls.  It feels like just another shooter and nothing really special.

Final Thoughts.  Or, in this case, Final Judgment: Should you buy it? No.

Should you rent it?  Sure, why not.

Hell, if you are a Gears Of War fan, I’m sure you’ll want to at least play through it.  I see this game getting 5 out of 5 or 98% on many review sites, and it just makes me wonder what game they were playing.  To tell you the truth, the real problem with this game is that it had three great predecessors to live up to.  If this game was a standalone title and not one of a series, I would not be opposed to buying this game for twenty bucks some day.  But as it stands now I can’t recommend this game to buy.  If you really sold on the overrun mode, then go ahead and buy it but just know that you are paying sixty bucks for something that is only worthy of being DLC.  If we, as gamers,  keep letting game companies take our money for mediocre games, then that’s all we will get and all we deserve.  I can only give this game two beers out of six.  -Jay (NinjaJay81)

2 beer rating

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