How many people does it take to drive me crazy…

It reminds me of the old saying.  Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

So a tag challenge. How hard can that be.  A small group of disc golfers put in a de minimus amount of cash into a pot.  You have a 3 month season.  Every game the tags shuffle based upon who finished where if it’s the group  or if it’s two people just a one-on-one straight up challenge.  A push goes to the incumbent or it’s settled by the noble game of H-O-R-S-E.  You miss two regularly scheduled weekly games you drop to last.  Last game is at a predetermined course. Final winner of last game gets the pot.  Can’t miss the last game…I thought it would be easy. (Insert mom joke here)

How hard can it be?

Well let’s change all of the casual rules. Let’s do this. Let’s make it have no prize.  Gambling gives me hives.  We need to follow PDGA rules on OB’s and water hazards.  I’m not in the PDGA and we’ve had the same rules for two years.  $10 dollars will break me.  I’ll be gone a lot.  Etc.  Exasperating.

Some thoughts?

Yay Interweb!!!!



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