New Batman Game!!!

Nothing was more fun than to punch bad guys in the face playing as Batman in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360, PS3, PC).  It looks like we are going to get to punch more bad guys as the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham Origins (Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU, PC).  As reported in the May issue of Gameinformer:


“Warner Bros. Games Montreal has taken the mantle of the bat from Rocksteady Studios this time around for Batman: Arkham Origins.  WB Montreal has full access to Rocksteady’s custom modified Unreal engine to capture the look and feel of the Arkhamverse.  As the title suggests, the game takes place years before both of the previous Arkham titles when a young, unrefined Batman encounters many supervillains for the first time.”

The last time I played a game series that had changed studios was Gears of War: Judgment (Xbox 360) and that game didn’t cut it as a game by itself, but would’ve made a great DLC.  Let’s hope this Arkham game does not disappoint in the same way.

It looks like we won’t have to wait too long to see if this Arkham game stacks up because the release date is set for October 25, 1013.  -Jay (NinjaJay81)

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One comment to New Batman Game!!!

  • ninjabee  says:

    Aaaargh. There are more games coming out in the fall than I will have time or energy to play. Killing me!!! But in a good way. Batman. FIFA 14. Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4. FIFA 14. Wow, man. yay!

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