Quick post about FIFA and keeping it classy.

It’s no secret I love the FIFA.  It’s my zen.  But I effen hate playing with lag.  The nice folks at EA (all other issues notwithstanding) put a feature on that allows for mutual quits in online seasons games.  That way you’re not forced to endure a jarring fragmented laggy game. Awesome.  But yesterday some dicktard (Something or another *****77) and i started to play.  It was all jacked from the get go.  So as soon as i got possession I asked for the mutual quit.  And I’m not sure if dicktard has shitty internet and is used to playing all lagwagon style or what.  But he wouldn’t mutual quit (30 something seconds into the game).  I kinda checked out after that and lost the game (actually he scored twice and the lag was so annoying that i just DNF’d somewhere in the second half, which I am usually loathe to do.)

My point being. For fuck’s sake play classy.  If there’s no score than agree to the mutual quit.  Don’t pause at totally crucial moments just to get an advantage.  and if you’re up by 3 or 4 quit showing the replays.  This all applies to discgolf too.


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