Quick Review of Special Forces: Team X


Since I played the last Gears Of War I have been looking for a new third person shooter to fill the void left by Gears Of War Judgment.  I looked around a little bit and I found Special Forces: Team X (XBLA).  Even though it has been out for a while and it’s not the best third person shooter in the world, it is really fun to play and, for 10 bucks, why not.  Since this is not an official review I am going to keep this quick.  Here are the three reasons I like this game:

1. The cell shaded graphics.  I have always liked the cartoonish look of cell shaded videogames. But the best thing, I think, is that, as the game gets older, it will not be apparent that it is dated so you can play such games longer and not feel any loss of graphic quality.

2. It’s Fun to play. The action is fun and fluid and, once you get the hang of the controls, you will be taking cover and providing your teammates with fire support in no time.

3. Tons of customizable options for your player.  Dozens of guns, attack dogs, and chainsaws are at your disposal.

If you have 800 MS points burning a hole in your pocket and want a team-based fun third-person shooter, then here is a game for you. -Jay (NinjaJay81)

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