So, beer. Yeah.


Ok. So I said, “I dunno, maybe I’ll write about beer. I like beer. A beer blog.”  Which is really silly if you think about it.  Because, and stay with me on this, someone who drinks enough beer to blog about it can’t be trusted to actually, get this, write about it.  For instance let’s talk about Ska Brewery’s Decadent Imperial IPA.  Delicious? Yes.  Great large bottle? Check-o.  Priced right? Sorta, sure, I guess.


But get this:


Can u even read that? Because that’s exactly what it looked like when I took the picture.  That’s right. 10% Al K Hall.

So to say the least: Alcoholocaust.  So I would give this 4.5 NinjaJays out of 6.  Because, though it was delicious and potent and pretty cool.  It was too hoppy for me to have all the time.  But, that being said, if you are looking for a hopventure then by all means hit the Decadent highway.  Oooop. Gotta give it 5.25 NinjaJays out of 6, because the wifey liked it.  She’s way more of an IPA afficianado than I am.  Whooo. Almost forgot.  So there you go.  Coming soon: Left Hand’s Wake Up Dead Stout, Bombshell Blonde from the folks at Southern Star in ConroeTexas, and in a point counterpoint vibe, Shiner’s Blonde Light.  We’ll see. But, did I mention the whole reliability issue? It may prove to be relevant.  But gotta go.  Cup matches on FIFA for the next two days.

But I will add this:


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2 comments to So, beer. Yeah.

  • LJpress  says:

    Always Fifa pal, good read.

  • NinjaJay81  says:

    Nice post man, I can’t wait to read more about your drinking habits.

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