The Best of Xblig: Episode one: The beginning

I play a lot of indie games on Xbox Live, also known as Xblig (Xbox Live Indie Games) for those not in the know, but seeing on how we have the cover art for Murderminers as one of our scrolling pictures on this site, I assume that most of us know about Xblig. Well, I play a lot of game on there, for a number of reasons.  One, because I love supporting indie developers and, two, I really love great low-cost games.

For this round, I feel like I have to tell you about one of my favorite Xblig games of all time:

Dead Pixels: First off, this game reminds me of River City Ransom (NES) just with zombies.  If you don’t know about River City Ransom, then you have really missed out on one of the best games on the NES, but you can watch this to give you some kind of idea of what you missed:

And here is the trailer for Dead Pixels–just so you all know, this is the trailer for the PC game:

See, they look similar right?  Well, kind of.  They are, at least, spiritual cousins. Anyways, you get a lot of content for 80 MS points.  First, you get the original story mode named Dead Pixels.  With a seventies grindhouse movie feel, this mode can be played single player or local co-op.  But that’s not all.  Then you get another story mode called The Solution.  This is a little different, letting you pick a character with each of them having a different skill set.  And then you get a co-op horde mode called The Stand.  I know, it sounds like I am getting excited but shit, it’s only 80 points.  How is it that every Xbox owner does not own this game?

Okay, all adulation aside, the game’s controls can take a few minutes to get use to.  Also, I was playing The Stand and it froze up but I don’t think this is a problem because it only happened once.  Even with these very minor gripes this is a great game.

I could go on and on about this game but if you have 80 points burning a hole in your virtual pocket or if you just want to play a really great game, or if you love zombies or 8 bit classic-looking games, this is that game for you. I guess I should give it some kind of rating, so I give it an (ULTRA BUY) in all caps and bold so you know it’s awesome.  -Jay (NinjaJay81)







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  • LJpress  says:

    Great Review man, sometimes its nice to dial it back a relax with some good game play.

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